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It is planned, that the Mobile Health Platform will traverse between safe areas, away from war zones, where displaced women and children are located, and which have inadequate healthcare infrastructure.

Services will be offered at no cost and will not require a medical referral or appointment.

Services will be responsive to needs-assessments made in the communities where the Mobile Health Platform will operate, and with regional and national government agencies.

It is planned, that the Mobile Health Platform will work with healthcare facilities in its areas of operation, including for medical referrals and qualified laboratory tests fulfillment.

The Mobile Health Platform will fully comply with Ukrainian governmental regulations regarding all aspects of operation.

The project of Mobile Health Platform is a joint partnership between Sheba Medical Center, Corridor Israeli Aid for Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Kvitna Charitable Foundation. It will operate in a non-profit capacity.

Treatments Available

  • Mental health services. Psychological trauma focused treatment.
  • Extended screenings (ultrasound). Breast cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, abdominal exam, thyroid gland exam.
  • Qualitative telehealth services. Physician consultations. Wider ranging services, including those based on cutting-edge technologies, will be further discussed.
  • Standard screenings. STDs, pregnancy. Applicability of these tests will be assessed according to current availability in the areas of operations of the Mobile Health Platform, needs assessment, proximity to laboratory services, and specific funding available.

Method of Operation

The Mobile Health Platform will initially provide care 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, be staffed by two doctors and a nurse, and be able to treat 4-6 individuals concurrently per hour.

It is planned, that the Mobile Health Platform is expected to operate in a given area for 2-5  days. Some areas of operations will be announced weeks in advance in order to prepare awareness and ensure utility.

It is planned, a hotline will be operated in order to give immediate assistance to women who have been assaulted, and give details regarding services and planned locations of operation of the Mobile Health Platform.


It is planned, clinical staff will be applicably further trained in aspects such as operation of equipment and sexual trauma treatment protocols.

Allotment of clinical staff will be based on currently standing relationships with regional hospitals, including whereby physicians are able to attend at the Mobile Health Platform as part of their current shifts.

Ability of foreign physicians to work in the Mobile Health Platform on a volunteer basis, with appropriate Ukrainian medical certifications, will be further discussed.

Further staff includes a local project manager, hotline operators, as well as on-demand drivers with cars for transport between locations.

Mobile Unit

The unit contains two examination rooms, supporting ultrasound specialist and psychologists, as well as a nurse/intake room.



  • Ultrasound machine with convex sensors, vaginal, linear (e.g. GE Venue Go)
  • High-frequency electrosurgical unit (e.g. Erbe ICC 350)
  • Telehealth infrastructure (e.g. devices, computer, starlink)
  • Colposcope
  • Test kits, strips for rapid tests
  • Mirrors, lifts, ball forceps, uterine probe, tweezers, centimeter tape, scales, pressure gauge, tocograph, Martin pelvimeter, conchotom, etc.
  • Lugol’s iodine, 3% vinegar, disinfectants, buffered formalin, etc.
  • Medical chucks bed pads, gloves, etc.
  • Office equipment

Medical-Legal Aspects

The Mobile Health Platform will operate as a free space for medical workers. All clinical staff will have a signed agreement clearly detailing that all medical aspects, including insurance and liability, are, in their entirety, the sole responsibility of the clinical staff member in their individual capacity.

All consultations and telehealth services made by any partner members shall be given directly and only to physician staff of the Mobile Health Platform.

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The upcoming Partners


Corridor Israeli Aid for Ukraine provides urgent rescue, critical treatment and aid to refugees in war-torn areas. Corridor is committed to the entire needs of refugees, ensuring safety, shelter, treatment and care. We do this by mobilizing our team of volunteers and the generosity of donors, and by cooperating with organizations, government agencies and individuals.

Corridor has rescued over 3500 men, women and children from deep inside war-torn areas, at times under fire.

We also conduct complex life-saving medical evacuations for those who are disabled and left stranded inside besieged cities, endangered hospital wards needing evacuation, and for those needing urgent treatment now unavailable in Ukraine. We provide ambulances, doctors, special medical equipment, as well as flights and treatment in hospitals in Israel and the EU. We also support families during treatment with accomodation.

Corridor Israeli Aid for Ukraine was formed in a non-profit capacity at the beginning of the war by Oran Singer and Shaked Goldstein, leading Israeli hi-tech executives.

Sheba Medical Center

Sheba Medical Center (SMC) is Israel’s national hospital born together with the State of Israel. Since its humble beginning over 70 years ago, SMC has emerged as a pioneering force in medical science and a global leader in the digital health revolution. These elements inspired one of America’s leading newsweeklies to recognize SMC as “one of the 10 Best Hospitals in the World.” (2019-2022). SMC’s size and scope are unprecedented, making it the leading and largest medical center in the entire Middle East.

SMC is a tertiary referral hospital with over 1,600 doctors and hundreds of researchers. The campus also includes centers for nearly all medical divisions and specialties, serving approximately 1.6 million patients per year from Israel and around the world. Over a quarter of all Israeli medical research takes place at our state-of-the-art facilities, underscored by 3,300 annual clinical trials done in collaboration with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Home to a vast medical research complex and a medical education academic campus, SMC is unique in that it offers a comprehensive and unified environment in which clinicians, scientists, academics and industry gather together to foster the development of therapeutic and diagnostic technologies.

Over the past couple of years alone, SMC’s doctors and researchers have generated headlines by unveiling cutting-edge, life-saving treatments for various cancers including leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma and pancreatic cancers, as well as breakthroughs in treating Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and hemophilia. The hospital is recognized as a world-class academic center, delivering higher education and training to health professionals in multiple medical disciplines on national and international levels. SMC provides a complete continuum of personalized care, the DNA of its groundbreaking “City of Health” concept.

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